Sunday, October 21, 2012

Impian seorang lelaki


Oh my goodness. It's been quite a time i didn't spent time to write. Too many things changed me, in good way maybe. Btw, it's a time to give my full of attention for my upcoming final. Seriously, i was spending too much time for fun this semester. And i should say i dont really care if i didn't get above than i was expecting. Around 9 subjects, just two or three i managed to maintain the marks. In order to be in the dean list, as what my seniors said, at least B+ for 'some' of the subjects. And now, i can see the sinusoidal wave effects to overall subjects. InsyaAllah i'll be exposing myself to 'club's activities, just to ensure the extra-curricular i've joined could balance the unexpected results. Just for short, i've started to join the 'Caklempong' and InsyaAllah next convocation, i'll be one of those who played the 'Caklempong'. The first performance was last friday for the Tale'n'Time. It was awesome and seniors were proud to us. And as reminisce, i've broken the stick and it was the third time in the history of caklempong's group ever for my Uni. And also, i did enter the PHOTOgrapher team, only 6 students chosen lol. And it may could be my side extra-cocurriculum activities. Erm, friends here, they are awesome. Indeed, i can never forget friends from Matrik, but new friends are awesome as them. Just the matter of time, i'll accept them.

Ohh, lupe lakk, tajuk entry yg pelikss lagi mengerikan tuu. APEKAHHH ? Get rid all hilarious words there. LOL. Just to mention, i got my own dream to chase on. Indeed, i really want to be a pilot, and i will never want to be other than that. Bt, destiny has spoken, i am really never meant to be a Pilot. Never thought that 'THAT THOUGHT' would ever appear in my mind since i've started to study CHEMICAL ENGINEERING. But, i've been given by my friend a series of drama, a malay drama. I was totally blank -.-' Never ever having interest to watch malay dramas.

Things happened with reasons. I fell for it. And now i cant stop to think of it. The drama was most-likely as what i dreamed so far. Each turns from the series, just same as what i thought i want to be in future. The social pilot's life i want, the girls and also the luxuries, transcontinental transmission and pure love.

The behaviors of the hero in the drama, is just same as mine. I think laa. And my dream girl, like the heroin. Unfortunately, those are just things i wanted, and now ive changed. But, truly, i never let it go the memories like that, just that, i will save it. Watching the series and smiling to know i was such ambitious person.

ni ler novel tu. Mesti terperanjat kan -.- i tak bace novel okehhh
NotaKaki :: I read what you've wrote, thanks and i really appreciate it. I just dont want to give any hope. Congrats for the JPA scholarship btw. Indeed, im proud of you. Keep it up :)