Saturday, November 26, 2011

Glide that GLIDER


well.. Last week was my very busy week of the year. Which actually my first week in second semester. By mean i should have less work to do and also rest for most time. But unfortunately as i went into that competition, means that i need to pay much attetntion to that competition. For God sake, i have to leave much of my studies subjects, for some of my subjects needed us to understand it by ourselves effort. Grrr..

Okay. The Glider it self, i think he didn't want us to glide him. He knew he would flew like RIO.. tettt. But my team mates and i, have that what we called as a spirits of having trust on the winds, and we did all things required in that competition. Without noticing that we were too much believed we will win it. With all the physics concepts and those principle were correct..

For the day of presenting our invention came, and we looked at others intentions, WOW ? What the tutttt. We actually used a small range of wings, and also our colors were not too colorful. Which we thought it was sufficient for us to win the creativity category. And also when we tried to convinced the audiences with our explaination that our lecturer gave. Wins for the best presentation ? hahaa.

On the day of gliding !. I was the one who needed to glide it. As well as my lecturer. At first she throw it with a perfect glide and make me worried, if i couldn't fly it like my lecturer did. And i throw it started with bismillah and i believe with my self i can do better than her. Its great, coz it landed within seconds it flew in the air. grrr.

And the result. Yeah we won consolation. Actually, we were the fourth furthest distance. but no price for the fourth place. and as for calming ourselves, we consider we were the fourth of all 25 teams. heee. So sad of letting our times flying just like that. But if we think it again, it worth it.. Without getting into this, we cannot get more experiences, the shaking experiences especially. ngee ~ k lah, bai

Friday, November 11, 2011

Tagged Again.

haha. sebenarnya aku jumpe bende alah ni dari yanie a few days ago. And as usual i was too lazy updating this Blog. And tonight i am really bored staying up such this late which i used to do during my study week and exam week. But today i need to take care of Adam, my beautiful handsome and cutest nephew. He sicks right now including my self. I had a really bad Cough and Mama also had a fever.

Okay ive been tagged from naff and i wasn't notice that she stated my name in her post. In order to fulfill her dream, i do laa bende alah nii.


-must post these rules.

-each person must post 11 things about theirselves in their journal.

-answer the question the tagger set for you in their post.
then create 11 questions for the people you tag to answer.

-you have tag 11 people.

-go to this page and tell them

-no tag back

-no stuff in the tagging section about "you are tagged of you're reading this."
you legitimately (a.k.a really,trust,with all honesty) tag 11 people :D


my name given by my parents and stated in identity card is MOHD FIRDAUS BIN SALIM...

I was born on 7th of May 1993...

I was Born in Friday, as i checked in my phone calender...

ive got 6 Siblings. and im the middle one, number 3...

Currently study at Kolej Matrikulasi Perak,KMPk...

nothing special...

I used to have many friends and now i got NO friends left, nvm coz that's what i wished to have...

No special Girl in My Life except MAMA and Ayong. two most precious women in my life...

Please don't let me talk to women coz i WILL never talk to them anymore...

Suke Hijjaz, Raihan, Unic, Maher Zain dan semua kumpulan nasyid dlm dunia. Dan aku PALANG artis-artis orang putih...  :)

nothing to say...

Apa yang ada dalam otak korang sekarang?
Nak Tidur. Baru Makan Ubat.

♥ Suggest me how to improve in my blogging?
How do i know, even i used to ask you help upgrading this blog, right.

♥ Why blogging?
*menyampah la soalan kau ni.. #SajaSaja Indeed..

♥ Describe LOVE.
1. Cinta kepada Allah.
2. Cinta kepada rasulullah.
3. Cinta kepada MAMA.
4. Cinta kepada ABAH.
5. Cinta kepada Bakal Isterti  :)
- with the sequence from my Biggest Love to my Love one.-

♥ Horror movie OR Love story?
I Dont watch this movies anymore. Preferable Love movies coz horrors selalunya mengarut.

♥ Your tall?
165 CM or 1.65M

♥ Pernah pergi luar negara? If yes, sila nyatakan.
what kind of Question ? well pernah once. Beberape negara kat Europe which cover all the countries in UK and also a few counties in Asia.

♥ Hometown? Dua dua belah sekali okay.
one side only. paham2 yeee. Sabak bernam, Selangor.

♥ Simply describe me. In essay also cannnnnnnn. :D
You... Childish.. Be matured please :)

♥ Waktu and age yang sesuai yang korang rasa nak kahwin? Hee.
Aku, ikut sunnah Nabi. around 25 - 30 in friday night. At the isolated and rural place which i dreamed to have a small way of ceremony.

♥ Favourite TV shows?
Imam Muda :)
No way aku nk tag bende alah ni kat org. coz my follower pon tak smpai sebelas org. tettt. 
malas nk edit post ni. dah la baiBai. assalamualaikum

Sunday, November 6, 2011


lame benor chek tak up-pe-dett mende alah nii. ni pun terbukak sbb baru balik dr matrik selepas gegile buat final ari tuu. bkk iPod kesayangan ni ttbe tgk dh ade blog punya application kan. ni terus cube tuu..

just nk mention kt sni ade seperkara yang ramai tersinggung dgn perilaku pelik ak baru2 nii.. maaf tapi mmg ini yg ak nak.. so jgn mmpersoal kn semua yg terjadi please. i guess dlm idop ni tak perlu lah kite ni berover2 just syukur ngan ape yg ada dan jgn lah langgar ape yg semmgnya slah disisi Agama lantas hanyut. tolong jauhkn tu dari ku yaAllah..