Friday, November 11, 2011

Tagged Again.

haha. sebenarnya aku jumpe bende alah ni dari yanie a few days ago. And as usual i was too lazy updating this Blog. And tonight i am really bored staying up such this late which i used to do during my study week and exam week. But today i need to take care of Adam, my beautiful handsome and cutest nephew. He sicks right now including my self. I had a really bad Cough and Mama also had a fever.

Okay ive been tagged from naff and i wasn't notice that she stated my name in her post. In order to fulfill her dream, i do laa bende alah nii.


-must post these rules.

-each person must post 11 things about theirselves in their journal.

-answer the question the tagger set for you in their post.
then create 11 questions for the people you tag to answer.

-you have tag 11 people.

-go to this page and tell them

-no tag back

-no stuff in the tagging section about "you are tagged of you're reading this."
you legitimately (a.k.a really,trust,with all honesty) tag 11 people :D


my name given by my parents and stated in identity card is MOHD FIRDAUS BIN SALIM...

I was born on 7th of May 1993...

I was Born in Friday, as i checked in my phone calender...

ive got 6 Siblings. and im the middle one, number 3...

Currently study at Kolej Matrikulasi Perak,KMPk...

nothing special...

I used to have many friends and now i got NO friends left, nvm coz that's what i wished to have...

No special Girl in My Life except MAMA and Ayong. two most precious women in my life...

Please don't let me talk to women coz i WILL never talk to them anymore...

Suke Hijjaz, Raihan, Unic, Maher Zain dan semua kumpulan nasyid dlm dunia. Dan aku PALANG artis-artis orang putih...  :)

nothing to say...

Apa yang ada dalam otak korang sekarang?
Nak Tidur. Baru Makan Ubat.

♥ Suggest me how to improve in my blogging?
How do i know, even i used to ask you help upgrading this blog, right.

♥ Why blogging?
*menyampah la soalan kau ni.. #SajaSaja Indeed..

♥ Describe LOVE.
1. Cinta kepada Allah.
2. Cinta kepada rasulullah.
3. Cinta kepada MAMA.
4. Cinta kepada ABAH.
5. Cinta kepada Bakal Isterti  :)
- with the sequence from my Biggest Love to my Love one.-

♥ Horror movie OR Love story?
I Dont watch this movies anymore. Preferable Love movies coz horrors selalunya mengarut.

♥ Your tall?
165 CM or 1.65M

♥ Pernah pergi luar negara? If yes, sila nyatakan.
what kind of Question ? well pernah once. Beberape negara kat Europe which cover all the countries in UK and also a few counties in Asia.

♥ Hometown? Dua dua belah sekali okay.
one side only. paham2 yeee. Sabak bernam, Selangor.

♥ Simply describe me. In essay also cannnnnnnn. :D
You... Childish.. Be matured please :)

♥ Waktu and age yang sesuai yang korang rasa nak kahwin? Hee.
Aku, ikut sunnah Nabi. around 25 - 30 in friday night. At the isolated and rural place which i dreamed to have a small way of ceremony.

♥ Favourite TV shows?
Imam Muda :)
No way aku nk tag bende alah ni kat org. coz my follower pon tak smpai sebelas org. tettt. 
malas nk edit post ni. dah la baiBai. assalamualaikum

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