Monday, November 2, 2015



At this tense time, i wish i could ever turn back time to begin everything or just end everything by giving up. Ohh lord I couldn't bare things I have to face at this moment. Ohh Lord, i am giving up. Ohh lord, I have no strength to keep moving for tomorrow. Ohh I am weak for all i am now.

I had bad day. Not just today. This year i guess. The year of bad luck. I had so much things happened. I just have no strength left to keep moving life on. It came out sometime i felt like taking drugs, or anything related to anti-depression. I have so much unsolved problems.

I have no one to pour out everything. I just want to cry, cry and cry. Ohh this burden me so much i can't bare with it. Plus with the unwell feelings i had for the past few days.

ps: I am googling the anti-depression pills, but i dont know where and how to get it. I am extremely devastating. Just throw up for the third time for today.

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