Sunday, November 4, 2012

I miss my ADAM so much


Too soon to exactly being ready for final. I cant bare with it. Seriously, i never thought that semester 1 will be end soon. It shouldn't be, like next week.. Ohh great. Meeting those shaking moment is so soo sooo soooo the moment i dont want to meet. *hahahahaaa ayat tak boleh belah* Weeks ago, i was handling with all stressful time. And now, its the time i am really in tense. Tense with undone syllabus while days ahead is final. Stress gile. Thank god wifi Uni aku rosak.

Atototototooo tajuk entry kali ni sweet nye + cute nye. My Adam laa, my little nephew. Last time i saw him, he was, like one and half years old and now he's just gonna be two years old. This 19 nov 2012, and i could still remember two years back at that date, i was waiting my sis at the hospital accompanied by my mom and few books of mine. It was just few days before my real SPM. Unfortunately, i went back home earlier coz i was too exhausted. The dawn came and the incoming call from my bro-in-law telling us that he got a SON. I was the happiest person in the house knowing i got a nephew. He is the one and only boy i got in the house. I never felt being older than others, maybe thats the reason im the closest to him.

And now, looking back to all pictures in laptop, im just missing him so much. Miss to tease him, make him cry and bancuh susu for him. *Hahaa, selalu merungut tapi rindu pulak. Lalalalaaa. He is my dearest thing in house which could ever make me happy, laughing, mourning, crying ( disrupting my properties ) and also shouting with all my anger. I cant wait to finish my final and go back to see him. Plan to bring him to vacation, dont know yet where to.

Nangis dia kalo tk dpt naik benda ni

Ni p shopping time btl2 kuar dri matrik.

Jusco Ipoh. Time balik dri KMPk sem2.

Masing2 baru bgn tido.

Cutenyeee :')
Ps : never end a friendship because a silly reason. We're still friend. Setiap takdir dah dirancang baik oleh Allah. Mesti ada hikmah. Mungkin kita tak nampak hikmah tu skrg, tp nnt2 kite nampak la tuu.

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