Wednesday, April 6, 2011

pilot's life...!!


Ladies and Gentlemen, this is you captain speaking. We want to welcome you aboard to this Malaysia Airline Service MAS to London. Flight duration is around 14 hours and we are expecting a smooth flight today. Once again we thanked you for choosing to fly with us today and we hope you enjoy your flight.

Moge2 aku dapat capai impian aku menyampaikan greetings ni kat passengers aku suatu hari nanti. org yg sepatutnya aku call still tk dpt di hubungi. aku berharap ini bukan satu halangan untuk aku mencapai cita2 aku. *sigh

the job of an airplane carries considerable charms, prestigious, responsibilities, and risks. they can find themselves in the different time zones, climate, and cultures every day. it is like a new and different expedition every time. pilots literally have the lives of the passengers in their hands. the physical and mental demands are rigorous.

tetapi ade yang salah anggap. mereka yang nk jd pilot itu tidak semestinya mengejar duit ?? perempuan ?? and nk jd glamorous !! tetapi their passion towards aircrafts, sky and many more actually the main intention to become a pilot. indeed passion is not the only reason someone like to be a pilot, we do admitted that pilot's lifestyle makes it more satisfaction to be dreamed of.

sadly i never been given a chance to be that. and now i do hope that mr. mohd azim daud will approve me and give me a chance entering Asia Pacific Flight Training. i am really hoping he'll convinced MARA so they can give me the loan.

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