Saturday, April 9, 2011

saturday.. a lot things done.


haha. frankly speaking i am really tired nowadays, there's lots of things done to me. especially yesterday. saturday as we all know everybody would go out with their family or lover. unfortunately yesterday i have to go somewhere in shah alam to my mama's best friend which we actually have some relation in our family. me and my siblings had to represent my mom attended this family's little daughter's wedding. hahh. my mom went to the 'kursus' in kalumpang but we all suffered because of her order.

adam was the first one who tidy up. i wasn't wake up that time but he already had shower in his 'hot bath tub'. when i woke up i was shocked for him. wow. impressive lots and i get my phone. what the hell!! no battery. i switched on the phone and took the charger. but someone suddenly called me which my phone 'died' again. haha. i didn't want to turn it on again and went to the bathroom. after i have done everything. i waited for everybody and then we went out. it was around 2 o'clock we went out from house.

there were lots of obstacles during our journey to shah alam. we used DUKE highway. cause it is more easy and affordable instead using GARTHERY highway. we missed the exit junction to shah alam. oh my God. we were already late and we missed that. so we have to take the other way which is more longer and take some times to arrive at our destination.

finally at 3 o'clock we arrived at the wedding. after angah parked the car, we walked a long the road to the ceremony's venue. angah and i shaking hands with Dato' Dr. Munit which is the father of the bride and ayong shaking hands with Datin Siti. she told Datin that mama couldn't make her way to there because mama had to attended a 'kursus'.

we made our way to the table. after sitting well, ayong asked me to take some foods for her while she looked after adam. so angah and i took some foods and drinks for three of us. we ate as fast as we could and went back after that. *oh i forgot mentioned that from the beginning i was texting with Farah Amira. she's the one who called me until my phone's battery empty.

in our way back home, i noticed that i really miss dewan MBSA cause i was watching Maher Zain's concert there last year. it was one of most wonderful time i had in my life. i could see him right besides my two balls of eyes. at first i couldn't believe that but at last alhadulillah cause Allah gave me something special after i survived in my trial examination.

ayong told us that she wanted to go to One Utama because she got one free make-over from guardian. she bought MAYBELLINE at the guardian more than rm30 so she received this free ticket. she asked me either i want to follow or not. and for sure my answer was yess. but we will go with azean (my sister's friend) well i didn't care because i just want to release my tension there, by window shopping *shopping act, watching movies or just *wash eyes (cuci mate). haha. but then my brother wanted to follow too. my bad, i never like him to follow me. hahh. please go a way from me but you still can threat me. haha..

it was around 5 o'clock azean arrived and took us to her new car. PERSONA ELIGEN oke. dun play play. my father only has MERCEDES ELEGEN ??? haha. never mind. she drove the car like a drunken. i was really dizzy sitting on the back site of the car. looking out sides and i was looking like want to spit but i hold for a while. until i arrived at One Utama.

ayong and azean let me go walking around the places. and then pufff i had gone to everywhere in the mall. looking for something that i also didn't know. a few things i saw that took every my attention to it. *sigh. i only got rm50 with my credit card at home. maybank card isn't accept there. all shirts that i admired most at Padini Authentic, Heng pah (pekejadah name cine kedai tu tp 70% dan aku suke), F.O.S, Romp, and many more were unacceptable because of their prices. argghh. it's all about the money. why should money be an issued in shopping..?

the most beautiful and fit shirt was in Padini and damn i really want that. but my sister told me either it is necessary or not..? indeed i was really disappointed because i choose not to buy it. *sigh. after a few hours window shopping there and i brought nothing from there. we went to Penang Flavor. i think it was the best decision eating there. the foods served really impressed. tasted like we were eating at home. like in copitiam but it is just a small stall.. and the prices are affordable.

then we made our way out to parking cause we were really exhausted. one whole day we gone out. it's time to back home and my brother took the responsibility driving car. azean was not sure she could drive back in the middle of night. plus it must be jammed all over the way back home. but nope. everything goes perfectly during our way back home. haha. he speeded up and i felt like i was in roller coaster. i rather be home a little bit late than i have to sacrificed my life dead.

after i reached home sweet home. i chatted with Farah Amira and we talked a lot until one of my biggest secret was reveled. the reason i deactivated my FB. haha. i hope she would not tell anyone about it.

i am really tired writing this post. i think this the most tiring post i have ever done.
what ever it is thank you for reading it.

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