Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New post means im still alive :)


such a hectic week and some sort of unhappy moments appeared since i left perak matriculation college last friday. Wasn't it right ? Hurm, for answering YOUR question, yes im indeed doing that post for you. Fine, we go to other topic as it doesn't mean to me anymore -.-'

Last monday, my sister was hospitalized after suffering a severe allergic. The privet clinic admitted that they didn't know what do my sister allergic to. She has been referred to the general hospital of Kuala Lumpur. So do they, all the doctors in HKL couldn't say any word coz they didn't know why this happened to my sister. 

But she was detained in hospital for two days, and im the one who needs to bring my mother there. Unfortunately, we need to leave ADAM ( my nephew ) to his babysitter as his father ( my brother-in-law ) wasn't here. My father was very busy so do my elder brother. They can't get EL even my sister in emergency care unit. For future, my sister can go out today, but with no answer from the doctor. We decided to go to HUKM which is it better on it's way.

Enough with that, it actually effects my study time. But im prefer to be with my family as it is the most important right now. Even i was putting aside my feelings for the good sake of my family. Who else do they want to ask help if it's not their only family members. And who else willing to help me, in the hard times, if not my only FAMILY. I love them so damn much. I will not neglect my family no matter what happens. And i promised to my self that im the one who wants to take care of my mother after this. *ANAK MAK. sayang gile mama :'(

 Right now, im going to be very selfish. Im going to think of my self only. No matter what happens, i want to finish this matriculation program as soon as i could. And along the way of finishing this, i would always hold my very close friend here words as he advised me to be very patient " kalau kita dah berniat, ALLAH pasti akan uji dengan apa kita niatkan tu, adakah kita ni teguh dengan niat kita atau kita ni seorang yg tak berpegang pada niat sendiri " and i'll forever remember you as my closest friend here. Hope nnt balik KL sama-sama lagi, bnyk blh ak blaja dari kau :)

I think that's all for today. Pray for my safety journey to NZ. Hope the flight will be very smoothly as scheduled. No delayed. And for sure im not gonna be on the line for few days. And also for my mid semester exam. How am i gonna do ? *pandai2 lah nnt. fail pon takde sape kesah kan -.-' k lah. bai

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