Sunday, January 1, 2012

Encouragement on starting the new year


It was middy when i reached to the Pantai Pasir Panjang ( I didn't remember the name of the beach at my village ). The Sun was blazzing hot. However, a gust of wind cooled the scorching rays, leaving a pleasently warn on my lips. Apart from the gentle sound of the lazy waves lapping the shore, everything was serene and silent.

I strolled slowly on the prickly sound, gradually becoming oblivious to the world around me, as i contemplated my love life. It seemed like only yesturday that I asked Nana to be my life-partner. Being her boyfriend was like a dream come true after long six months of tackle her before getting the gut of courting her -.-'

But what had happended last week was a puzzle. Was it my fault ? I didn't think so then. Anyway, she told me as soon as she arrived at my working place, TGV wangsa walk, that she wanted to end our relationship. I was stunned, espesially when she told me she was seeing someone else. I couldn't do my work properly yet i lacked of RM20 from my counter sale money. I had to pay for the short though i insisted to go back earlier, but rejected by my manager. He ( my manager ) grew up my fire for the whole day.

Actually, though I had already sensed the change in her feelings for me recently even before she told me it wasn't going to work out between us. There were clues ; She sounded unhappy when I rang her out of the blue ; She was often secretive about her whereabouts lately and she was always ' too busy '.

Surprisingly, I felt no real heartache. Truw, I was a litle dissapointed because I felt that I had wasted such a precious time of my life with someone I wasn't going to marry, but i didn't beg her to change her mind.

I was suddenly aroused from my thoughts by the light pitter-patter of raindrops on my nose. The sky was no longer bright, dark ominous clouds shrouded the sun and a sudden bolt of lightning flash across the afternoon sky. An empty can and some dry coconut leaves were pushed across the beach by the strong wind. Soon the smooth calm sea turned into an ocean of fierce, turbulent waves.

As i stood still facing the sea, unaffected by the rising strom, I was thought of all the fishes in the ocean. They seemed carefree and enjoyed an exciting life of high advanture and risk, although for a brief span of time.

I laughed to my self to realise that similarly there are still many of fished out there, so why should i mope over an affair gone awry ? I resolved then to leave Nana in the past, live my present life to the fullest and look to the challenges facing me in the future. Yes, I could forever forget her from my life, so do Ika. She has been my very best friend's belonging so why should I still remember her for the rest my life go on. Both this are just the people that came in the reasons of giving me the experience to be a better in the future.

There are so many fished out there, probably has been destinied for me in future. Why should i complicate my self in searching instead just wait Allah gives her to me. Its just the matter of time. Hence, for this beginning of 2012, this might be my inspiration of leaving the past and let those memories be the encouragement for me to be a better person soon.

Regards : Mohd Firdaus Bin Salim.

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