Saturday, January 28, 2012

aku gembira :'(


today ? hahaa, actually my last day at home after a week of holiday. I've been through lots of things. I am really appreciate coz Allah still want to test this very despicable slave. I had it and gone through these test, coz I knew Allah will never test us more than our capability.

Hurm, some sort of unwanted texts came to my phone, sorry i had no idea on how to reply it. It's such a seduction for me. I can't break a promise i've made of. I promised to my self to forget you, and hoping you are not coming and find me anymore. It's a mean thing i did to you, but please, for our good sake. It's not that i don't want to reply, but indeed i really want to. It's not that i don't want you anymore, but i do care of your future, i know we were not meant to be together. Instead you shall be entitled and deserved to be someone else who is better than me.

I may give few reasons why i decided to do what i've done to you..

- I love Allah
- I feel guilty ( you might not understand and i should say let it be mine )
- I don't care about our differences, coz it never be a symbol of our successful in future. ( yet you the one who question it )
- You deserve one's better than me.
- I am not perfect match to you.
- You never believe my past.
- I have no word to say each time you text me.

Im really hope you can understand my situation. From the first place, im the one who needs to be blamed on. Im afraid of being the reason of your failure. Yet, i want you to succeed in your life. I always pray the best for you. I won't mind if you hate me coz i deserved it. What ever your perception on me, i can accept it. Thanks coz you have been the reason i still in Perak Matriculation Collage, and the reason i smiled every night, every time actually. Hurm, 

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