Sunday, January 22, 2012



suddenly i need my very 'far-far away cazen' but unfortunately she wasn't here. She's going to overseas having a holiday with her family. I don't know what to say, what to do. Im afraid i can't let my heart calm down. The decision i've made wasn't sincerely from my very precious heart. Hurm, does it really important thing to be mentioned, even if she's reading this post, i can give guarantee that it doesn't effect any of her thoughts for me. Instead its just a piece of lie from me.

It's really hard to understand others if they're not literally in our shoes to feel what actually we felt. They'll just stand on their own thoughts to us. Unfortunately their thinking of us isn't right, and needed to be corrected. But we can't do that.
i don't need it anymore

But in this case, im not going to blame others on their thinking of me. Instead im the one who needs to be blamed on. I won't mind as long as Allah knows the truth.

i'll make sure of it.

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