Thursday, February 2, 2012



Ujian Ujian Ujian, minggu ujian laa. Fine, i was over the limit la my dear friends. I wasn't even touch the books i brought home. And sadly i was sick last week. I had food poisoning. Yes, i had stomachache for quite few days included the day my exam :( And the worst was, MUNTAH..

argh. Nothing to be told after getting through these boring days. I hate UPS as usual, i wasn't go for stdy. Instead having a very great times with all friends, family, and lappy :) yet some unhappy also i got. It's just i don't want to share here anymore. This is blog to share our happy feelings not express the sad feelings right !! nevermind, i got a re-sit for MUET this feb and it's just around the corner. Im going to be more prepare than before. In order to achieve a better band :0

pray for my success :)

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