Thursday, March 29, 2012

i watched john carter ALONE !!


Well, im stressing it again, i went to see John Carter ALONE. It was so good to watch movie by ourselves without notice that we did all things we loved, and not FOLLOWING others. I went to see it at the GSC theater in Ipoh Perade when i was outing last weekend. And I thought it was so much fun! I love that place! I love how the sound and music vibrate you to your very bones! All the previews (The Hobbit, the new Batman movie, The Hunger Games... gave me chills. I want to see them ALL there!)

So, there's this dude named John Carter. He's a captain in the Civil War and he seems to have a chip on his shoulder. He's angry at the world. (We learn why later.) And when they try to arrest him for, I don't know what, he runs away. In the process, he finds this cave, and then this weird thing happens and bam, he finds himself on MARS!

Once there he makes friends with these strange creatures which to me were a cross between Jar Jar Binks and the Avatar dudes. Then he meets a Martian Princess, and he helps her fight her war and save her from the bad guy. And they take a ride down Lake Powell! On Mars! Who knew Lake Powell was on Mars!? (Oh my, this was SO Lake Powell! Yeah, I've been there, I know!) Only they called it the River Is.

This movie had a lot of Star Wars type characteristics, but it's kind of cool to remember that the book it's based from was written years and years before Star Wars. I bet a lot of current day science fiction is inspired by this guy (Edgar Rice Burroughs) stuff. It's very cool. I should read a book of his some day, yes?

Anyway, I thought the movie was very fun, very Scifi/Fantasy, very predictable, but really, a lot of fun. It's also one of those movies that I think would be even better on a second go around because there was a lot of stuff that was hard to follow, or understand what they were saying. So I think another time through would clear that all up.

Bottom line: I totally enjoyed it!

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