Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Magical Hong Kong, Here We Come!


I can’t wait for my family holiday in Hong Kong this December! A megalopolis with more skyscrapers than any other country, this dazzling city has the perfect harmony of the modern world and traditional Asian charms. So.. what’s best to look for in Hong Kong? The city, the culture, the shopping and the food, of course! A city so vibrant and bustling, there are so much to see and do here!

Since the city is famous for its dynamic skyline, we’ve decided to kick-start our holiday with a visit to the best place to see the view--Victoria’s Peak. To get there, we’ll have to ride this funicular train that ascends at a dramatic 45-degree angle, all the way to the top! Exciting, right? Aside from enjoying the beautiful panorama, also within the proximity is The Peak Tower. At this massive entertainment centre we’ll not only get to shop and dine, but also have a look around the Madame Tussauds museum. Wow, I can’t wait to pose for pictures with celebrity wax figures such as Jackie Chan, Brad Pitt and my favourite pop star, Lady Gaga! #used to have the chance before, but it's better to have it with all famiy members. November tahun lepas g tak berapa nak best.

 Second on our list is a visit to one of Hong Kong’s most iconic spots, Avenue of Stars at Victoria Harbour.From the promenade we’ll also be able see scenic views of old Chinese junk boats floating around the river, surrounded by the bustling cityscape--charming! A lot of other attractions are also just a short walk distance away, such as the Museum of Art, Space Museum, Cultural Centre and the Clock Tower. Gotta check them now.

As we were planning this holiday, I told my family that this trip would not be complete without a day at Hong Kong Disney World! Growing up watching Disney cartoons and movies, it has always been my childhood dream to spend an enchanting day in the magical world of Disneyland.

What else is there to do in Hong Kong? Why, shopping of course! Oh, I better be channelling Carrie Bradshaw if I want to step into the dazzling world of high fashion. With big brands like LV, Gucci and Prada at five-star malls such as Pacific Place, Times Square, The Landmark, Harbour City and Soho Hollywood Road, no wonder Hong Kong is heralded as one of the shopping capitals of the world. Another thing on our agenda is of course the famous street markets of Hong Kong--Ladies Market, Temple Street Market, Stanley Market, Cat Street--they seem so happening (at least that’s what friends told me) that I’m sure my mom and I will go crazy over the bargains on clothes, handicrafts and souvenirs! 

And there you go, my Hong Kong holiday plan with family next month. With all these large skyscrapers, superb shopping and savoury culinary delights, Hong Kong is spellbinding and will be more fascinating come festive season! and AirAsia it goes to :)

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