Thursday, March 1, 2012

If i work with Airport ^_^


sila abaikan post sblm ni okay. First and foremost, nothing i would feel if i wasn't get the offer of interview. I really admired with airport, i used to go to any airport and each time i'll be having a moment with them though for a while. It's such a pleasure to have that moment there. Once, i've got the letter of interview acceptance, I, indeed having no word to describe my feeling. It was really stress that time, and i would say i couldn't go revise for my upcoming exam. And alhamdulillah, i got 2A solid out of 4 subjects. Even my pointer isn't so high, but i praised to ALLAH for this achievement.

The beauty of KLIA
Most my sweet memories in airport recalled in KLIA. My own country main terminal of airflight. I love to go there as it actually near to my place. I hope to work there too. Yup, since i was in kindergarden. As it will forever remain the place i went the most each year. I met lots of pilots there. I knew some of them yet, i wont able to keep in touch with them, they are too busy.

Yeah. Only for business class passengers will have the advantages :)  

i once had the chance to shop here :) but most of time i will be rushed cz usually late
This one is the reason i came here. I will eat BK even knowing that in KL, there's lots of BK near to my place :D

Coz they provide computer to be surfed. I love KLIA, it completely a memorable place for me.

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I love KLIA coz it contains lots of my sweet memories. Though i go for AirAsia pilot interview, my heart still with KLIA and MAS :)

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