Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last post for 2011


This is my very last post for this year. Yup, definitely it is without any doubt. My inspiration in this year towards every thing has ended, and the new me will be out next right to you, soon. New year isn't mean im going to be someone else, but the old me with new variation in good ways. I know im not that good compared to you, even worst as a friend to be proud of, my bad :'( What ever happened in this year ( 2011 ), let it be history, because we have tomorrow waiting to get through.

As a human being, we want to have a happy life, right ? What makes a happy life ? No one can concur to a single definition as each has their own opinions and ideas to what happiness means. One man's idea of a happy life may vastly differ from others and yet a third man's opinion may not be acceptable to the first two men.

The fact is, happiness is a state of mind of an individual. Different people feel happiness under different condition and everyone has their own personal philosophy in the pursuit of happiness. There are those who believe that the hunt of material wealth and the pleasures would only bring about misery and suffering, while others believe that true happiness can only be found they have achieved material success.
How then can one lead a happy life? It is quite simple, really. While we cannot change the circumstances and situations which make us dissatisfied with life, we also know that the happiness is, after all, just a state of mind, and it can be changed. A person can only be happy when he knows how to be happy. It is all in the mind, really ! ! ! So do i :)

So im done here, with my last entry this year. If im doing something that hurts your heart on purpose or not, Indeed im really sorry. PEN OFF all. see ya with new entries next year.

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