Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Do you have PAST ?


First of all, nak cakap blog ni punya design sumpah buruk gilakk. Hope i got any free time to change them. Serious busy. Second of all, nak cakap gak ni, bulan depan dah nak masuk Ramadhan, serious tak sabar. Bulan yang penuh dengan kemuliaan dan keistimewaan. Dan insyaAllah kita semua dapat menggarap segala advantage di dalam bulan ramadhan itu nanti.

Okay back to the main objective. Im just coming back from somewhere on the earth which really far to place i used to be now. And Alhamdulillah, it teaches me a lot in getting through all upcoming days. Usually during holiday, i mostly spent all days in my own room, or else, went out with my closest friends. And things happened in my life, i will never let it go. As time goes by, from tiny things until biggest issues occurred will be a part of me. They were the things that cheers me up all days.

Thanks to all memories. Thanks to all experiences. Without both of you, i still in my way to know the meaning of this life. And because both of you, i know my self better. My father always say this to me, Only You Can Change Your Life. All things you've gone through all these days, were only the requirement you to succeed in future. Without the hardness in life, you'll never find where actually the key of success. Thanks Abah.

Sometimes, i remembered all things that Abah advised me once i got into troubles. The things that i considered as nothing initially has became the heal. Silently, i could feel the grateful appeared in all sort of way in my life. I made my past life as my personal dictionary, and i'd try to fix myself to not be my old wrong-doer, in order not to avoid it be a deep scar in my future life.

I never cry to my past nor regret to my past. It was only an attachment to me which we called as Qada' dan Qadar. Maybe to others, it shows i don't have feelings towards anything happened, sure, but still, Firdaus still Firdaus. I love and happy being myself as my only way i choose to be.


AZN said...
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firdaus salim said...

insyaAllah AZN :)