Saturday, June 30, 2012

Berdaki bile mendaki

In Canopy walk-way

Cautiousness. !

A complete recreation will ensure our body maintain it's health. This is my journey in getting into a healthy life style. Errr, no no noo. Just gonna give my review to this jungle laa. Fine. Merepek dah ni. Okay, this beautiful wood is located in Asia, i mean here, in south-east Asia. And alhamdulillah, as an Asian, i got the chance to see this very beautiful creation of Allah. He made this for us. And we have to take care of it. It is responsibility for those who are human. As we are taking care of it, it is a sign of grateful for Allah coz He still give us chance to feel His very beautiful creation.

Canopy Walk. My brother :)

Retak weh  >.<
:: Angah ::
Getting up
Not giving up to get up

And reached the top.
YaAllah cantiknya :')
Alamak, takde bakat nak tangkap gambar org -.-'
Trying to capture a greatness of Allah's creation

Aku tangkap gambar ni. Cantik cantik :)
Dusssshh, Kepoyoan terserlah di situ

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