Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Precious You.


' And tell the believing women to reduce (some) of their vision and guard their privet parts and not expose their adornment except that which (necessarily) appears thereof and to wrap ( a portion of) their head-overs over their chest.' [ Surah An-Nur : 31 ]

Everyone knows it. Every Muslim should know that covering aurah is the rule that is set by Allah the Almighty. '' I testify that there is no God but Allah, and I testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.'' But i wonder why there is still a lot of Muslim and Muslimat who says Shahadah, who says they believe can't follow this simple rule. If you truly LOVE ALLAH, you should LOVE His RULE

Is this covering Aurah ? The answer is.. No. It's not.

Al-Quran says no.. If that is not acceptable, so i think, we don't need to talk about the this one.
Girls, your whole body is priceless. Don't lower it's value by showing it to everyone. Only one person deserves it. Save it for the special one.If you only knew, the best thing in the world ain't pearls or diamonds. But the best thing in the world is the righteous girl.

The way she dresses, like an empress, impressing Allah, oppressing the nafs.

If only all my sisters know about this, our world wouldn't be like it is right now. Where our families and friends are not safe no matter where they are. The world which full with SEX, CRIME, BABY DUMPING and ect. 

So father and mother, can we BLAME the men out there for staring  at our daughter ? If you allow them to wear shirts without covering their aurah ! ! ! This days, exposing body has become a normal. It is being accepted and even being promoted everywhere. The artists that you love so much.. The more they exposed, the more popular they are. Day by day, i see mankind has become more and more like those western people out there. They walked into the mall in the Kuala Lumpur, seems like they are in the United State. It is hardly to find any girls covering their hair, and even their beautiful body shape, that makes even a righteous man gone wild. Brothers and Sisters, do not be deceive by this world sly scheme.

Do not waste your money by buying those expensive Beauty products. Throw away all of your make-up. Get rid the black liner under your eyes. You don't need that cover up, You need to cover up. Wake Up !!!! If you beautiful in human eyes, but not in Allah. What will you GAIN ? But if Allah is pleased with you, but not in anyone else. What you actually will LOST ? Think about it ! ! !

Brothers, do not think this RESPONSIBILITY is for girls only. Who says you don't need to cover your aurah. Brothers, do you know your aurah ??

it looks simple, but why ?? why take it for granted. ??
Who says you can wear short in public. Who says you can go walk around topless, showing your chest ? Now lets here what Allah says. 
'' Tell the believing men to reduce ( some ) of their vision and guard their privet parts. That is purer for them. Indeed, Allah is acquainted with what they do.''  [ Surah An-Nur : 30 ]
 #which comes before the verse mentioning about the women's aurah#
So brothers, don't talk about women aurah if you cannot take care of your own.

Wearing hijab is a jihad on it's own. So you don't really need to die in the war to win His paradise. Just dress like a true Muslim and Muslimah. Cover your aurah, do it for Allah, and for your own good. And may Allah grants you under which rivers flow. 
We all have gone astray, openly committing sins everyday until we even didn't realize anymore what is wrong and what is not ? So God, please forgive us. 
'' No God should be worshiped but you Allah, glorious to you ( ALLAH ) truly, I have been of the wrong-doers. ''
~la ilaha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu minaz-zalimin~

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