Sunday, December 25, 2011

A day in singapore. Year end sale maa.


Malaysians are well known when the End-Year sale coming up, they'll be in overseas to shop there instead having the shopping here in Malaysia. In my point of view, i think it is because the affordable prices given to all sort of branded items. If compared in Malaysia, hahaa, IMPOSSIBLE to buy a branded items. So, i can see most of my friends are going to London ( especially ) just to go shopping. Yes, I admitted there were lots of branded items sold there with low price. Moreover, there are several markets which selling used item, called Car Boot. I used to buy my PS 2 there, with only £30 and i can use it until now. Without any damage. My first MP3 also, i bought there. Only £10.

But for me, the best place, we could go for the sale, is in Singapore. Even me, i went for just a day there, just to have shopping branded items but with low prices. The price were, very very very low. Cheap as a Malaysian, even more if you were a Singaporean. wow, i don't need a place to stay sleep, Malaysia and Singapore are so close to each other. Btw, the places there also have a nice view. So clean with every time the cleaners are cleaning there. Compare again with Malaysia. No way, Malaysia ni pelbagai sampah ade la derr.. Much to be surprised is, London is not as clean as we thought before. Same je dengan Malaysia..

my brother.

integrated railway system. Mostly help us.


Louis Vuitton.
hahaa. LV, prada, vincci, sume tu kalo kat KLCC gile laa. Nk kate mewah sgt tmpt dia takde la sgt. Ion Orchard ni lebih hebat dan Gah dari Pavillion Okayyyhh.. Takpe laa, g uptown lg besss. sbb lg murah.. ngeee ~

Zara okeyhh.. Even the person named Zara is in London right now. why go jauh2, singapore ade kan. Tetttt, bia la dia kate. YaAllah kutuk org je keje aku nii

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