Wednesday, December 7, 2011

what does my heart looks like ?


well i guess im not in a very good mood lately. Most my time were spent in my own room ?? Is it ? ngee ~ Most my time have been fully consumed to do nothing instead of studying which part of my responsibility as a student. Two days ago, i received my final PSPM1 ( peperiksaan semester program matrikulasi ). Its not what i expected to get but truly, i glad with my result. As well as my fellow friends, were waiting their result, the beating made them couldn't bare waiting the moment came. 

The result were announced after class ended. I hope that for the second sem, we would never need to stay like that. Hot maa, couldn't stand on it. By the way congratulation for all KMPkian and me my self as well.

OMG, not much time. bai bai


Anonymous said...

I know your feeling.... btw, keep it away ....

firdaus salim said...

you know what i felt on it rite. but fortunately, im still having fun here. KMPk might change my attitude kott ! insyaAllah :)