Saturday, December 24, 2011

Saturday 24.12.11


Hari ni, eh ehh, semalam laa. Bosan laa, ak balik sbb nk enjoy, setelah hampir 5mggu tidak menjejakkan kaki kat rumah, ouh my home sweet home, ive reached here yesturday punya yestuday.. Quite long journey from KMPk ( perak ) to KUL ( kuala lumpur ) to Gombak ( gombak setia ). Around 6 hours br la smpai rumah, 2300 hour to be specific. Hurm, before that, i went to dinner with all my family, because of my MAMA sakit, so angah decided to treat us. Ishk, tajuk tok hari sabtu tp cter pasal hari jumaat. Apee daa..

Without wasting our times, let all these pictures tell everything, since i've heard that ade pepatah mengatakan 'Dari Gambar Menceritakan Segala-galanya' *pictures tell everything.

Seperti biasa nk keluar rumah kena posing dulu..
masanya adalah pukul 10 pg, before that kne tolong buatkan Ubat MAMA, peehh, sejam kot nk bancuh, ingat senang. Prepare mama before keluar, i dun want anything bad happen to her. Im gonna make sure she's in a very proper and great condition before im out somewhere on the earth enjoying my day. 

peluk cium XOXO dulu ank buah fav. Dah dpt kaki terus tkmo kuar jalan, ye la nk practise jalan dlm umh laa

my giant cat, he's trying to show his 'macho' infront of all catwomen

MAMA.. LAP you much-much
Wangsa Walk, tapi park penuh. So cari la parking khas.

ye itu diaa, Tiada parking khas dari yang ni kan. Mmg betul2 special lah.
beli tiket, wait, this was the second movie i watched. Cz in the morning i was alone watching Ombak Rindu.

Lunch, special sgt ke ? Mahal ade laaa

yeah, show time arrived. Pop Corn ready to be served.

all others too. Just need to pay. Oh that non of my business. Let my sis pay for it.

Unfortunately, i only bought 2 cups of mashed potatoes. *paid by my self okay.

coz i already intended to buy this one. My fav milk with pearl. WOW. Long time not drink this.

my sis bought some of these. For Adam, and how on earth i could see Adam wear girl shoes.
scene on my way back home

incredibly tensed all my way back. Its a Xmas eve right ? we forgot !
 GOD, it took around an hour to compress all these pictures. I hate my DSLR which very hard to upload directly from its original size. I need to compress maa. Take time, baik buat kimia. Btw, im going to sleep. Giler ngantuk. assalamualaikum.

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