Friday, December 30, 2011



hahaa. Today, mostly my friends were going back home. As starting tomorrow, we are going to holiday in about 3days until monday. Its such an honour be here all alone. Well, for everyday, ive been forced to hear all sorts of sounds produced by all the members in this 'Kolej Kediaman' no matter what floor they are. Especially during the ' maghrib ' time. Since i will take a bath around 6.30 pm, the ' players ' are just having their steps in the kolej kediaman. And I was like ? grrr, each time im out from the toilet, surely there will be plenty of smelly smells. Since then, i'll make sure after arriving to hostel, i will go for bathing, instead of having bath at 6.30pm. And today, how on earth, i could go and have shower about 15 minutes without any of knocking doors heard. Wow, and yet, I went to the mosque peacefully. Which usually i'll be looking at the field, and i will talk to my self ' Are they deaf, the azzan has been utteranced, and they still like, wow, having a great time there. #mulut jahat

But today, all seemed to be specially created to me. Thanks Allah, coz HE gave me such a peaceful moment. Even when i was in the mosque, i was shock of my life looking the number of students were there. Mostly when i realized, i late go there. Whatever it is, i like this moment. I can tidy up my room, which considerly as ' sarang kucing beranak lagi kemas ' by my mother. Belek-belek balik laptop comelku ni, yg dah bersepah dengan sampah sarap. hahaa, so tired, but happy. 

Like i said

Giler teruk kan -.-
by the way, this evening, i was checking my facebook. Then i found out this facebook group. Hahaa, im thinking of promoting my blog, as a medium others to read it. But since i don't like to MENCAPAP, so im not willing to write any of personal in here ANYMORE. but, when i think it twice, what would i write other than my time-life going here and there, or what i did, or what ever.. Hurm, revealing my personal is not a good ways of having plenty of friends, right ? Even im quite choosing person who friends of, but silently, few people has done something i don't like. As far i know, THEY are more than one. Generally i can say both sexes. Whether in Facebook, Twitter ( even not too active ), MySpace, all the forums i've joined ( mostly i was getting into the aviation forum, but it is wierd when GIRLS were the most frequently contact me ? And im IGNORING them okayy !! ) and this blogspot. 

Hish, melalut daa, aku nak cerite, yang td kann, nk tau tak.. BEN ASHAARI yang approve aku masuk group blogger tuu. I've been friends to him such a long time, but, i don't know la yg dia yang approve aku. tettt. *CRUSH, to be a blogger. #new resolution, be a good blogger.

Amboi, siap print screen lagi tuu :P

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